Opt-outs from Barilliance

Each email sent from Barilliance to your visitors has a link for opting-out from further emails. By default those visitors are only opted-out from emails sent from Barilliance. If you'd like to opt them out from your other email lists you have a few options:

  1. Export the addresses from Settings > Email Address Management

  2. Use the email address export API to get a list of addresses (this in-turn can be plugged into an automated system on your end to opt-out them out)

  3. [Recommended]Use the webhooks feature to connect Barilliance with your Email Service Provider. 

Opt-outs from your Email Service Provider

To remove email addresses who opt-out from your newsletters automatically we recommend to use the incoming Webhooks feature 

You can also import those address manually in Settings > Email Address Management

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