What email addresses are used for

Barilliance uses the visitor email address for two main purposes:

  1. Reaching visitors with our Triggered Emails and Retention features

  2. Identifying the visitor in order to personalize their email recommendations

How email addresses are captured by default

Email input boxes

By default Barilliance monitors all input boxes on the site where a visitor may type their email address:

  • Login forms

  • Account creation forms

  • Checkout forms

  • Etc…

When a visitor types their email address in one of these forms the email address is captured and sent to Barilliance. The address is then associated with that device and will be remembered for future visits.

See here for how this works under GDPR restrictions

Triggered Emails Booster

The booster is a code snippet you can add to your email newsletters. When visitors click back to the site from your newsletter the system will be able to identify their email address and associate it with that device. See here for more information.

Barilliance Popups and Message Bars

If the visitor enters their email address in the Email Capture, Email My Cart, Save My Visit or Back in Stock popups the system will remember the email address they fill in those forms.

Javascript / HTML content (optional)

Barilliance needs to see the visitor's address displayed on the website in order to capture it. If the visitor is already logged-in and/or subscribed to your newsletter, we may not get a chance to do it for a while. You can optionally share with us the email address of eligible visitors by populating the information in a Javascript variable.

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