The Triggered Emails Booster is a tracking pixel that can be added to your newsletters. When users click-through to your site from your newsletters, Barilliance automatically captures their email and associates their session data with it. 

This allows us to target these visitors with Triggered Emails without them having to explicitly enter their email address on your site.  Some of our customers have doubled their sales from Triggered Emails after implementing this feature.

Watch this short tutorial or follow the instructions below

1 . Go to Settings
2. Click on Triggered Emails Booster
3. Select your email provider from the list
4. Copy and paste the pixel
5. Add the pixel to the top or bottom of your email blasts. 

NOTE: If you don't see your ESP in the list , you can select "Other" from the list and enter the merge field your ESP uses for the email attribute for example %%EMAIL$%. Your ESP should be able to provide you with this information

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