In some cases you may notice that data about conversions and/or clicks from Barilliance triggered emails in Google Analytics differs from data that is shown in the Barilliance dashboard. These differences are due to the fact that the two system do not attribute the sale in the same way. 

With the Barilliance attribution model, a conversion is calculated if a visitor clicked from a triggered email, arrived on your site and converted in the same session.  This will result in a sale being attributed to the email. A click and/or a conversion will be measured only once - after the first click on the email. If the visitor ends up converting in another session then the sale will not be attributed to the email.

Google Analytics supports different types of attribution models. Detailed information on this can be found here.  Due to the difference in the attribution model, it's possible that a conversion which Barilliance attributed to an email will not be counted as such in Google Analytics (and vice versa). 

We recommend that if you are currently using Google Analytics to measure email campaign results, to continue to do the same with Barilliance triggered emails.  This will ensure that your data will be consistent with other, non barilliance related campaigns. 

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