Unique Coupon Codes in Triggered Emails

This article explains how to use unique coupon codes in triggered emails.

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Coupon Lists

Before you can use unique coupon codes in your Triggered Emails, please follow this guide to adding Coupon Lists.
Coupon lists can be set up in the setting section of your account. 

Go to settings and select 'Unique Coupons' from the left menu. 

Enter a name for your coupon list and click 'Create new list'. 

Your new list will now appear in the drop down menu. Once the lists are set, you may upload the coupon codes generated by your platform into the system.

The codes can be uploaded by pasting them manually into the system or by uploading a file with coupon codes.

Uploading Coupon Codes

If you choose to upload a file, select 'Choose File' and upload the file from your device. 

Coupon codes in the file should be separated by comma or a new line. 

Our system is designed to handle millions of codes, but keep in mind that this may take a few minutes to upload. 

Once uploading (or pasting) is complete, you will see a message indicating the number of coupons.

*It's important to check your coupon levels periodically in the settings page and upload new coupon codes when necessary. A coupon code will be used for every triggered email sent with a coupon token. A coupon code will also be used on every opened blast email which contains triggered email HTML. * Please remember that to add new coupon codes to the appropriate coupon list. 

Setting Up Triggered Emails

1. Go to 'Campaigns'
2. Click 'New Rule'
3. Click 'Add Action"
4. Select the Triggered Email action you would like to use to send your customers unique coupons.
5. Customize your triggered emails setting and content as desired (see unique coupon token below)
6. In Unique Coupon section, select your desired coupon list

7. The coupon token will be generated after you select a list. Add this token into your email content accordingly.    

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