You can promote products in recommendations by using the Promote Product Action. 

Using this action will override the automatic recommendations generated by the recommendation algorithms.

Please watch this short tutorial or follow the steps below

  1. Click Add action and select the "Promote Product" Action.

  2. Select which widget you would like to promote the products on.

3. "Which Products" allows you to promote products either by product name, or products that match attributes in your product feed. 

4. If you select to promote products by product name you can find products by typing the first letters of their name. Then click 'add product' to select them into the promoted products list. 

If you select to promote products by attributes, the attributes will auto populate. Check the attributes you wish to promote.  If no attributes are shown, you may contact support to have the wanted attributes added (depending on their availability in the feed).

Adjust the settings according to your needs. Below you'll find more information on the settings. 

Promote up to X products per widget - This sets the maximum number of items that will be recommended in a widget. 

Rotate products -  If checked, the promoted products will be displayed in a random position in the widget. Otherwise the promoted products are always shown first in the widget.

Only promote from the current category - If checked, on a given page, only products from the current page's category will be shown. 

Override title - This will change the widget title.

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