Before Barilliance services can be used on a particular website, Barilliance must complete a technical setup process in which the Barilliance software is adapted to be used on the site. During the setup process, Barilliance is set up to be able to detect and identify the different aspects of the website. Some of these include the following 

  • Detecting that a visitor is viewing a product page

  • Detecting the exact product being viewed.

  • Retrieving the product's meta-data such price and image (if a product feed is not used)

  • Detecting and identifying the products in the visitor’s cart

This technical setup relies on the HTML structure of the website. When there's a change in design or platform it is likely that this structure will be changed as well. Due to this,  the technical setup will need to be adjusted and in some cases, completely redone. 

For this reason it’s essential to inform Barilliance in advance of any planned changes for the site to allow us to review the changes and schedule the necessary work.

In order to adjust the setup we must have to the staging site in order to assess the new site in action. If access to a staging site is not available,  Barilliance services will be paused when the new site goes live and until the setup work is completed.

Important Steps to Keep in Mind 

Coordinating the “go live” date - Please inform us in advance of the exact date and time for when the new site is scheduled to go live. Additionally, please email after the transition is over so that we can transition ourselves between the old and new setup.

Making sure the product feed remains active - As part of the transition please ensure that the product feed used by Barilliance remains updated or send us an updated URL for a new feed.

When using Product Recommendations - Depending on the scope of changes, it’s possible that some of the data used to generate recommendations on your old site will not be carried over to your new site. In this case, recommendations, in some or all locations will not be ready for the launch and will be added in at a later date (in most cases 3 - 14 days after the launch).

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