There are a few possible reasons for not receiving a cart abandonment email:

  1. Your email address falls under one of the suppression rules listed here

  2. You didn't type-in your email address. In order for our system to capture the email address it must be typed-in by the visitor.

  3. You returned to the site after abandoning the cart shortly before the email was supposed to be sent.

Note: when testing with different email addresses using the same browser, cookies should be deleted before each attempt.

The Barilliance system has safeguards in place to prevent excessive amount of emails from being sent to visitors. Site browsing patterns of site staff are generally different from regular visitors and there is an increased chance they will run into one of these safeguards. If you need to test that emails are being sent we recommend to follow these guidelines:

  1. Use an incognito window in your browser for testing

  2. Avoid adding products that were recently added to the site (products newer than several hours might be missing from the product feed)

  3. Avoid using an email address that recently received an email from Barilliance or made a purchase on the site

  4. Make sure you typed your email address somewhere, either by logging-in or in the checkout process

  5. Close the incognito window to make sure the system won't see an active session  when the email is to be sent 

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