Visitors who visited an out of stock product page will be sent an email when the product returns to stock.

Back in stock email rule includes two parts:

  1. A popup that can be launched automatically or by clicking a banner/button, asking the user to enter their email to receive back to stock reminders.

  2. An email which will be triggered once out of stock products the visitor have viewed are back in stock.

To use this feature, Barilliance must know the inventory status of all the products on the site. This can be done in two ways:

  1. If you provide Barilliance with a product feed then the relevant fields will be used to determine the stock status. If no relevant fields are included then items that are excluded from the feed will be considered as out of stock and vice versa.

  2. If you don't have a feed Barilliance will identify out of stock items based on the presence (or absence) of an out of stock message on the product pages of the site. If you don't have a feed it's recommended to contact us before starting to use the feature and including a link to an out of stock product page so that we can verify it's been detected correctly.

Who Will Receive the Back in Stock Emails

Use the settings at the top of the email template to determine the target audience. The options are 

  • "Send to all visitors who stepped on out of stock products" 

  • "Send only to visitors who have entered their email in back to stock reminder popup"

Note that in the first option, If a back in stock rule is active all visitors can potentially receive the email, not just the visitors who entered their email address in the popup. The purpose of the popup in the rule is to gather an email address from visitors who may consider leaving after visiting an out of stock product page

The email will not be sent when:

  1. The product has been out of stock for less than 2 days (this prevents false emails in case of technical issues)

  2. The user has purchased in the last 7 days

  3. Any triggered email was sent in the last 2 days

Note: In some cases, back in stock emails will not be sent for item pages that are partially out of stock. For example an item that is available in red or blue variants will only be considered as out of stock if both variants are out of stock.

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