Feed requirements

  • XML or CSV format

  • Updates regularly under the same URL/filename

  • Served directly from your servers, or from an ftp/sftp server. If needed Barilliance can provide an ftp/sftp server to host the feed file

Data format

The feed should include the following data:

  • Customer email address

  • Date and time of purchase

  • Product ids of purchased products (these need to match the product ids provided in your product data feed)

  • Order id (optional)

  • Additional user information such first and last name to display in emails

  • General attributes such as store name in which the person bought, or whether it is a VIP customer. This can be used to segment emails to different customer types


  • Barilliance is flexible about the way the data is organized. For example you can provide one product per line or list of product ids in one line.

Example data

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