Setting up email capture form

The Email Capture action can be used to create popups that prompt the visitor to enter their email address. Captured email addresses can be exported so that you may add them to your mailing list. If you have active triggered email rules (cart abandonment, post-purchase etc..) the addresses will be used for those as well.

To set up an email capture form click the the triggered emails icon and then on New Action. On the actions popup select Email Capture form. You will see a set of pre-defined templates, select the one you would like to use as basis for your form.
You may alter the look of the popup using our advanced editor.

Email submit form

The email submit form contains an input box, a button and a checkbox. You can change the texts of the input box, button and messages shown upon success or failure of capturing the email.

To change visual properties of the form you can alter the CSS for the different elements, The best practice is to change the existing settings which are shown in the CSS text box.

For example if you would like to change the color of the Submit button, change the background-color proerty of the #cbar_getemail_button CSS element.

Using the captured emails

The optional Opt in message check box are used to define the user as opted in. Emails will not be sent to non opted in visitors.

If the visitor has opted in - triggered emails set in Barilliance such as cart abandonment, browse abandonment, post purchase will be sent to the visitor.

Exporting the captured emails to other systems

Via webhooks

You can set up outgoing webhooks to any system which will send the captured email in the desired format to any http destination. To learn more visit the Settings page which includes the webhooks setup.

Via API export

Emails can be expored via API calls. To use API export please visit the Settings page.

Manual Export

Emails can also be downloaded manually. To learn more please visit the section Export Email Addresses in the settings page.

Performing actions after email submit

In order to provide the visitors with a coupon after submitting their email or perform any other action, you can add a callback Javascript function with the name cbarAfterEmailSubmitCallback which will be called after the email has been submitted.
cbarAfterEmailSubmitCallback=function (status, rule_id){

// put your code here.
// status is 1 if the email submission is successful
// rule_id is the id of the email collection rule


The function can optionaly placed be in a Run Javascript rule (in the section named "Javascript code to run before rules").

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