Media collection is a list of items with optional text/images and a target url that represent brands, categories etc... The personalization algorithms will show the right items for each user from the larger group available.

Barilliance allows to create media collections easily based on product attributes collected from your product feed. Here is how:

to create content collections visit the media library. It can be reached from a content personalization rule or by visiting

Important ! - Each collection needs to be associated with a product attribute which Barilliance reads from your product feed. For most customer sites we already have the Brands and Categories product attributes available. If it needs to be added, please contact Barilliance. For example, we may collect level 2 categories (Running Shoes, High Heels Shoes) and you would like to use personalization on top level categories (Shoes, Dresses, Coats).

Create a collection by clicking 'New Collection by Attribute'
In the popup name the collection and select the attribute to use, then click Create.

A collection will be created based on the values in the selected attribute. The list of items are disabled by default. You need to complete the creation of the media collection by following these steps only for items you want to appear in the personalization:

  1. If needed edit Text1 to the text you want to appear in the widget. (click save after changing)

  2. The URLs that are automatically created are based on where the users come from to the products with the specific attribute. Therefore they are not always accurate.
    Check the URL and fix it if necessary.

  3. If you would like to show images in the widget, add an image by clicking the 'your image here' icon and inserting the url of your image.
    It is recommended to keep the same size images for all items.
    Recommended image width is 500 pixels.

  4. Enable the items you would like to show using the on/off button on the left. 

  5. NOTE: If no content is enabled , you will not see any content in the widget designer

It is best practice to use the top 30 brands / categories in a collection. 

Once you have a ready collection with ~20-30 enabled items you can use it in email personalization rule or in onsite personalization (which is set up for you by Barilliance)

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