Barilliance is a tool that is designed to track orders that are made online. As such orders that are taken over the phone will not be tracked by Barilliance. However, if phone orders are a common occurrence and especially if phone orders are placed by your sales team on the site on behalf of your clients there are some important points to keep in mind.

Orders placed on behalf of clients

 If your sales team places orders on the site using the clients email address Barilliance will not be able to correctly attribute the order to the client. If you are using our Triggered Emails this can result in emails being sent to the wrong address. It's imperative that you notify Barilliance in advance in such cases. You'll need to send us a list of IP addresses from which the sales team connects to the site so that we can correctly identify these connections and ignore those transactions.

Sending a list of phone orders 

If phone orders represent a sizeable amount of the total orders your business generates it may be useful to send Barilliance phone order data. This can be used for:

  • Sending triggered post purchase emails (if you collect the client's email address)

  • Additional sales data to be used for training the recommendations engine

If you're interested in sending a list of offline purchases (i.e phone orders) please contact Barilliance support for our offline feed spec. This is a special feed in which you will supply Barilliance with a list of offline transactions with their relevant data (e.g time of purchase, product IDs of the purchased items, email address of the client etc...)

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