The product feed is a text file in either CSV or XML formats that holds information about each product that is available for sale in your store together with its relevant data such as name, price, image, URL etc...  The product information that is displayed in product recommendations and triggered emails is taken from the product feed.

The product feed is create by you  - the store owner - and you'll typically pass to Barilliance a URL from which it can be downloaded. An automated system fetches the feed several times per day and uses it to update the product data in Barilliance's database. 

You can see the feed URL in use for your site in the Settings section of the management panel and optionally initiate a manual update to instruct the system to fetch the latest data from your feed.

It is expected that the feed will update on your end at least once a day (although if your store has infrequent price and stock changes then a more relaxed update schedule will also work).

It's important to notify us in advance of any changes to the format of the feed (for example, adding or changing the order of columns) or changes to the format of the actual data within (for example, adding or removing the currency from the price).

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