*Please note that user attributes need to be set up by Barilliance. If you would like to add user attributes please email support@barilliance.com

Barilliance advanced segmentation allows you to further segment your audience by user attributes using the "Visitor Custom User Profile" option. User attributes are based on browsing behavior.  

For example, if you would like to send Shopping Cart Abandonment emails offering a coupon code for users who used the price "low to high" filter, Barilliance can set up an attribute to show that a user used this filter. 

We also offer persistent attributes. Persistent attributes are attributes that are valid across user sessions, and are not session specific. For example, if a user entered in a phone number on your site during one of their browsing sessions, this can be marked as a persistent attribute. 

Triggered Emails  
In order to segment Triggered Emails by Attributes go to segments and click "Visitor Custom User Profile". This will open up the user attributes list. Check the attributes you would like to segment by. 

In order to create audiences in retention using custom attributes use the "Custom" filter and select the relevant time frame under "Date detected". Check "By customer attributes"  and select the custom attribute from the drop down menu. 

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