Barilliance retention allows defining advanced Segments of customers and visitors based on their actions on various channels like Online, Retail Store, Application and Call center.

These segments can be used to engage the users Via emails, facebook ads and Online using Barilliance Online personalization platform.

This article explains how to target these segments Online.

Defining the segment

Click customers on the top menu to reach the Barilliance Retention customers page.

To target online users even if we don't know their email address, scroll the filter to the bottom and check Include users without email for onsite targeting

Use the filter on the left side to define the segment.
Click Apply Filter to see number of users in this segment.

Save the segment and give it a meaningful name.

Targeting the segment on-site

To target the segment for on-site visitors, use  'Retention Segment" in the Onsite Personalization rule. It can be combined with other segment just like any other Onsite personalization Segment.

Please read below to understand what to expect when using Retention Segment with Onsite rules.

How it works

  • The Barilliance retention rule is re evaluated every 6-12 Hours and the group of users who match the rule segment is refreshed. Therefore, do not use this option to target visitors immediately after they match the segment.

  • The same goes for users who exit the segments. It may take a few hours until it is updated, so in most use cases, its better to limit the onsite rule to appear once per session/user.

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