What is email content personalization?

With Email Content Personalization you drop a piece of HTML into your emails (Barilliance emails or any other ISP). The HTML will show a personalized collection of items to the user. Usually it will be categories or brands relevant to the user.
For example:

Creating content collections - Media library

Please visit http://support.barilliance.com/en/articles/3447848-creating-media-collections-for-email-site-personalization to learn how to create a content collection for email personalization.

Defining the personalization widget 

Once you have content collection, you can create the personalization widget. Go to personalization and create an email content personalization rule.

  1. Start by selecting the media collection to use.
  2. Decide if you would like the widget to be text only or be based on images. You can switch between the initial templates to find a design to start from.
    Note: Once selected, it is recommended not change the template since it will override any design changes.
  3. Start changing the design including the hight to width ratio of the widget items, border (if any).
  4. In the layout section select the number of items to show in different screen sizes in order to achieve the best responsive experience.
    Note: Use the preview to see the widget in different sizes.
  5. Adjust the texts location, colors, fonts etc.. using the text tabs. You can add fixed texts such as "Buy Now" using either text1 or text 2.
    To add different text for different items add the texts as Text 2 in the media library.

Integrating the widget in your email

Once you're happy with the widget design select the email provider from the list below. If your email provider does not appear you should find the merge field of your provider for the user email address and add it manually in the custom email token field.

Click Get HTML and copy the HTML to your email template.

Testing and Sending

To check that the personalization actually work send yourself a test email.
You will see the personalized items appear in the email. To make sure it is set correctly, open the email source and check that the links of the images showing the content include your email address as parameter. (this means your email platform identified the merge tag and switched it with the user email address.

To further test the personalization algorithm you can enter email addresses of users in the 'Test with email address' field and see the resulting items.

Reporting and performance

The Email content personalization stats are shown in the Personalization Dahboard. 

You can see overall views, clicks and covnersions as well as the relative performance of personalized widgets (where the user is known) vs. non personalized.

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