Currently most ecommerce sites feature static content on the homepage such as featured categories and brands.

Automated Content Personalization uses machine learning to display dynamic and relevant content such as brand and category images to each visitor. The content works best when there is a 1-1 match between the content and the product attributes setup in Barilliance. For example if you want to show season images it is best to have a season product attribute setup.  

If the system does not have information about the user, the system will show trending content (by city ) and will always keep testing all content to allow new content to replace the current winners. 

If there is data about the user the system will show the most relevant content based on the past and current visit in a similar way to product recommendations (taking into account past orders, cart items, viewed items and categories/brands visited).  

Content can be added on all pages and not limited to the homepage. Barilliance needs to setup a placeholder for the content and then you can upload the images from the panel.  

The content and layout are adjusted automatically based on the user's device.
How do I set it up?
Please defined the collections for Content Personalization in our panel.  Go to in the panel.

Once you have reached the Content Personalization Media page, click on 'New Collection' in the top right corner and create a collection.  

To add additional items to a collection click on the New Item Button in the top right corner.  

You can view the different collection you created in the top left corner.

We recommend image size to be 500x500px.

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