The apply coupon action automatically applies a coupon in the cart for the visitor segment being targeted. Example use cases are:

-   Offering a “Welcome” promotion to first time visitors

-   Offering an exclusive promotion to your newsletter subscribers

-   Offering unique promotions to visitors coming from your facebook page.

and many more..

If a visitor is eligible for a coupon he will see the coupon details image at the bottom of the screen. The coupon details image can display an expiration countdown so that the visitor knows how long he has until the offer expires (very effective with short, limited time offers as the visitor is constantly aware of the pending promotion). Once the visitor has reached the page on your site where coupons are applied the system will automatically apply the coupon for him.

Coupon types

There are two coupon types - A fixed coupon or a unique coupon,
A fixed coupon means there is one code which is used for all eligible visitors. To avoid the code from being passed between visitors you can use the hide coupon code which prevents the code to from being shown to the users while its being injected.
A unique coupon means that each eligible visitor uses a one time code. To upload unique codes please visit the settings page of your site in the Barilliance panel.

Note: If using unique coupon codes - it is your responsibility to renew the list before it empties. This is done by visiting the settings page.

What you need to know before setting up a coupon rule

There are two “stages” in a coupon rule: granting the coupon to the visitor and applying it in the cart. The coupon is granted when the User Segment and Site Location settings in your rules match the visitor:

If you decide to offer a coupon to first time visitors which are on the homepage then this will be the condition for granting the coupon. Depending on the setting you have set in 4. How would you like to offer the coupon to your visitors The visitor may need to click on a banner, popup or offer zone to activate the offer.

The recommended guideline is that if the visitor already knows the offer details you can grant the coupon directly using the option Provide coupon without popup or banner (this happens when the offer is presented away from the site e.g. your newsletter). If the user is not aware of the offer details then consider using a banner to explain. You can also customize the coupon details image to serve the same purpose.

The second stage is applying the coupon in the cart. By default all visitors who were granted a coupon will also have the coupon applied when they reach the cart page however you can define conditions that will only apply the coupon if the cart total is over a certain amount or if specific items are present in the cart. This is done by checking the
Apply coupon in the cart if option

Important note: A coupon cannot be granted and applied in the same pageview. If you have a need to do that (for example when sending the visitor directly to the cart page from a cart abandonment email) you will have to add an additional Redirect rule that will essentially refresh the page (see details below).

Important note 2: Only one coupon rule can be active for a visitor at any moment. Keep it in mind when setting up more than one rule.

Please watch this video for additional assistance.

Common Questions

How to offer a coupon to visitors coming from your newsletter or cart abandonment email

In order for the system to identify that the visitor is coming from an email you will need to tag the links in the email that go back to the website and should trigger the offer. In this case a tag is some kind of parameter that is added to the link to identify that those who click on it are email visitors. An example for a tagged link is in this case email=1 is the tag. This tag can be used with the Current URL segment to trigger a rule only for visitors who come from the email:

How to create a redirect rule that will refresh the cart page (only needed for some coupon rules that are triggered from emails)

Create a rule that will redirect the user to the cart page. The segment will be the same as the one that triggers the granting of the coupon. In addition add a pageview exposure setting that will limit the application of the redirect to once per session.
The final rule should look like this:

I don’t want to display the coupon details image

You can upload a 1x1 sized image instead; this will essentially remove the coupon details image.

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