Apart from the reports available in the Dashboard and Rules, it's also possible to follow up on the product recommendations performance in Google Analytics. Each time a recommended product is clicked by a visitor Barilliance will trigger an event in Google Analytics. The event data that is sent by default is:

  • category: Barilliance
  • action : The location on the site from which the click was made: Home,Product,Cart etc...
  • label: The name of the item that was clicked

This allows you to use analytics reporting options to dig into the data

If you require the event data to use a different scheme (for example you may want the label to be the URL from where the click was made) please contact Barilliance support.

The screenshot show belows shows where you can find the event data in Google anlaytics:

If you don't see Barilliance  appearing in the list you can click on view full report  and search for it on that page.

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