If you're interested in a visual "add to cart" button please inform Barilliance support. It is always possible to add such a button however clicking on it will simply direct the visitor to product page.

In order to add a fully-featured button (by "fully featured" we mean to say that clicking on the button actually adds the product to the cart) we will require technical documentation from your tech team.

The recommended way is to supply Barilliance with a simple Javascript function to which we'll call when the button is clicked, adding as a parameter the product ID of the item to be added. For example:


If supplying such a function is not an option we'll require more in-depth technical documentation about how to integrate with the existing mechanism available on the site for adding a product to the cart. The exact details depend on your specific platform. Examples for the type of information we'll need is :

  • Form fields names and values
  • Instructions on how to retrieve the required data (for example, form and/or session keys)
  • Instruction on how to integrate with any related scripts on the site (e.g a popup that allows the visitor to select the required size)

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