The Barilliance software works on top of an existing site. When a page is loaded on your website by a visitor the software analyses the HTML source code and URL structure to gather and understand information such as the type of page the visitor is on, the exact product being viewed (in case of a product page), which items are in the cart and many other details.  This is the building block that enables all the features Barilliance provides. The technical setup is the process in which we customize the software to be able to do all the above. 

The technical setup process is a manual customization of the software for your particular website and in order to complete it the site needs to be fully functional and accessible to our developers (we just need to view it like a regular visitor). This also means that the setup is tailored to a specific version of the website and if major changes are planned then adjustments will need to be made or the setup may need to be completely re-done. For this reason we recommend to give at least a 1 - 2 week notice before major site changes.


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