Barilliance supports 'tokens' (sometimes called merge fields) which can be embedded in message bars/ Popups or Javascript rules. The tokens are automatically replaced with dynamic information.

The supported tokens are: 

%num_visitors% - number of visitors currently on the website
%geo_country% - country name in english e.g. United Kingdom
%geo_flag_32% - country flag (32x32pixels)
%geo_flag_48% - country flag (48x48pixels)
%geo_usstate% - US state name e.g. New York - empty for non US visitors
%cart_total% - total amount in the user shopping cart.
%weather% - English string representing the weather. for example 'Cloudy'
%tempC% - Temperature in Celcius
%tempF% - Temperature in Fahrenheit 

When the system does not have the information to show in the token, the token will be replaced by an empty string.

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