This document explains how to set up Facebook Messenger as  a channel for sending Cart Abandonment messages that include the products left in the cart and a call for action. The messages look like this:


To allow this,  Barilliance use Facebook plugin to add a 'Send to Messenger' opt-in checkbox on your product page near the 'Add to cart' button:

(image copyright: FaceBook) For more information see Facebook Article

If the checkbox was checked during the session before adding an item to the cart, the message will be triggered at the end of the session and will include the latest cart items.


  • Active Barilliance account with Triggered Messaging enabled.
  • Your website runs on https:// (http:// sites are not supported)
  • You have a Facebook business page which you are an admin of
  • ! IMPORTANT ! Barilliance setup must include a placeholder for the Messenger opt in checkbox. If you have not requested it yet, please contact Barilliance to let us know you want to use the FB Messanger channel and we will add the opt in checkbox placeholder on your site.

Set up

Make sure your current active product in Barilliance panel is triggered messaging. Click 'New Rule' and select the action 'Abandoned Cart' under Facebook Messenger channel.

Setting up the 'Send to Messenger' Checkbox

As a best practice, It is required to show the Send to Messenger opt in checkbox above or next to the 'Add to Cart' button on your product pages.
Please specify the HTML id or class name (if unique) of the add to cart button.
An event listener will be attached to the element you specify and will send the opt in to Barilliance only if the user has check the 'Send to Messenger' checkbox.

Connecting a FaceBook page

  • Use the Add/Change Facebook Account button to connect the right FB user who is the owner of the brand/store FB page.
  • If its the first time this user connects, A popup will ask for permission for the app BarillianceADV to receive your public profile and email address. Please approve it, this app sends the Messanger messages so it needs your permission.
  • Next, the popup will ask to manage your ads and access your Facebook ads and related stats. This is required for other Barilliance Products, you can skip it if you only use the FB Messenger channel.

Message formatting

We use a Facebook Messanger template to ensure your message looks great on all devices. It looks like this:

Please set these settings accordingly:

  • Header Title and Sub title
  • Header image - upload an horizontal image. Facebook will format it to the right size.
  • Products button Text and destination
  • Bottom Link text/ url - an optional link at the bottom of the post can send the recipient to your website.
  • Reply Response - This will be sent back to anyone who responds back to the triggered message on Messenger.
    The best practice is to provide alternative ways of contacting your company.


You can send yourself test messages by using Barilliance preview rule mode.

  • Open the Facebook Messrnger rule you would like to test and click preview rule.
  • You will be redirected to your website with a visible 'Barilliance preview rule' message.
  • Add items to the cart and see if you get the Send to Messenger Opt in Checkbox. Note that if the rule is disabled in Barilliance rules list, the checkbox will be visible to you due to the preview mode, but not to other visitors.
  • If you have checked in the opt in checkbox, when you click the checkout button or leave the cart page in any other way, a sample message will be sent to your Messenger account .

Frequently Asked Questions

The product images appear blank in Messenger

Facebook requires to white-list the domain of the product images.  If it is different than the main website domain, you should include it in the white list section of the rule.
For example:

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