Barilliance Retention allows you to segment your customers into highly targeted audiences and reach out to those audiences via email and Facebook Ads.

This documents describes how to set up Facebook Ads Custom Audience using Barilliance Retention targeting.

Step 1- define your target audience

Visit the customers page and define your segment using the advanced filters

  • Make sure to save the segment and give it a proper name like “Crossfit Trainers”

Step 2 - Start an ‘engage users’ rule 

  • Go to the campaigns page and start a new rule. Select ‘engage users’ action
  • In the select Channel Box select Sync Facebook Audience

Step 3 - Facebook Login and app authorization

  • Click add/change account to login to FaceBook and authorize the Barilliance App. This will fetch the keys we need to write and update the custom audience into Facebook. This needs to be done only once

Note - if there is already a logged in Facebook user on the same browser, and this user is not the owner of the Custom Audience we want to create, just log out using the logout button. Or switch user on the top right of the facebook authorization screen

  • Authorize the App as requested in the facebook popup
  • After authorization you will see the user name and Ad account id in the rule.

Step 4 - Manually Sync the audience into Facebook

  •  Select a name for the Facebook Custom Audience you want to sync with. A new audience will be created if needed.
  • Scroll down to the segment part of the rule and select the segment to sync with

To manually create the custom audience in FaceBook Click Sync Now It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the operation to complete.

Step 5 - use the Custom Segment In Your Facebook Advertising

When setting up your ads in FB ads manager, click on the custom audience box and select the new custom audience.

You can now create Facebook ads that are engaging to the specific custom audience.

Step 6 - dynamic audience automation

Check the continuous engagement checkbox and activate the rule in the rules list to make the audience continuously update as new visitors enter the segment and others leave it.


  • The audiences are refreshed in 12-24 hours intervals.
  • The rule must be activated in the rules list to allow continuous engagement


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