Barilliance Retention allows defining highly targeted audiences and engaging them through various channels. Currently the supported channels are emails, Facebook Ads and FTP. More channels will be added.

Defining the audiences

In order to define the target audience use the customers drill-down interface (select customers on the top menu).

Use the filters on the left side to target any segment as narrow or wide as your business goals dictate.
When you have defined the target audiences, save them as filters.

Selecting Engagement Channels

After defining the audience and saving the filter, click 'contact' on the customers page or go start a new rule with 'engage customers' action in the campaigns screen.

Once in the rule editor, decide on the desired channels. 

A corresponding user interface will open for the selected channel(s).
for more information on how to set Facebook Custom Audiences click here
for more information on how to set retention emails TBD

Automatic Continuous Engagement

As visitors visit the website, new users may fit the segments defined in the retention filters, while other users may no longer fit the segments, for example if they made a purchase.
Continuous Engagement will refresh the segments periodically to make sure the channels are engaging the right people in the right time.
To activate click the 'Continuous engagement' checkbox in the channels box and make sure the rule itself is active in the rules list.

Important notes

  1. To prevent the users from repeatedly receive the same emails, use the setting "Don't send to users who received an email from this rule in the last  days" in the segment part of the rules.  It is recommended to make it something like 14 days so if the user stay in the segment the rule will not send more than once in 14 days.

2.  The data used by Retention filters can take some time to update. sometime up to 24 hours.

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