By default the design and location of the recommendations widgets is determined by Barilliance during the setup process. If you'd like to control these two aspects yourself please inform Barilliance support. Below you'll find an explanation of how this will work.

Designing the widget

Barilliance will add an un-styled widget to the site which you can then style using CSS (different elements of the widget will have their own CSS class). The widget will first be added in hidden mode - it will not visible to visitors but can be enabled locally to help with the styling process. Once you're happy with the result and ready to activate it to all visitors please contact Barilliance support.

Controlling the widget location

By default Barilliance adds the widget in pre-defined locations based on the current site structure. For example we might program the widget to be added after the description section of the product page. If you want to have precise control over where the widget will be added please add a div element (one or more - depending on the number of widgets) with a unique ID and contact Barilliance support. We will program the widgets to be inserted inside the div. Note that if the div cannot be found on the page the widget will not be displayed.

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